Chronic Alcohol Poisoning (Alcohol Addiction)

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18 May 2011


Alcohol addiction occurs when Alcohol is taken continuously . The person becomes gradually physically , morally and mentally deteriorated ( deminished ) .

Changes seen …..

  1. Lack of hygiene
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Fat deposits in the liver and heart (Alcohol is a liver poison)
  4. Chronic Gastroenteritis
  5. Wasting
  6. Peripheral neuropathies (nerve disorders)
  7. Impotence (sexual dysfunctions)

Three syndromes commonly seen in Alcoholism



Its  a  disorder  where there is a phase of excitement and hallucinations that lasts 3-4 days . It happens when there is …..

  1. Unusual bouts of drinking
  2. Sudden withdrawal of alcohol
  3. Infection
  4. shock from an injury
  5. Exposure to cold

The main symptoms are increased sleepiness , tremors , excitement , fear and visual / auditory hallucinations . The person seems insane he/she may have the tendency to commit suicide.


The person develops hallucinations , is disorientated, short term memory loss, and has multiple nerve problems.This state last for about a month to a year .


The person develops hallucinations , mostly auditory and last for a couple of months . The person may become suicidal or homicidal .


The drug Antabuse ( disulfiram ) acts by sensitizing the person to even a small dose of alcohol and is the most suitable treatment for all cases





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